Consulting Services

From concept to occupancy

Automotive shops and heavy duty facilities can be tricky.  There is a lot of equipment that is interdependent on other equipment and then the human who will be using it all.  It’s easy to miss details and make work bays and shops too small, too close to each other, or  not laid out properly.

And what about future expansion and electrification?  How can you future-proof your new project so that you are ready to leverage these new and exciting changes?  To quote Steven Covey, we like to begin with the end in mind.

We take our past experience, combine it with what our current successful customers are doing, and then add in the trends that we are hearing about from our supplier partners and the general market.  Will you want all of your equipment talking to each other and reporting data for managing your facility and group of stores?  We think so.

We work with owners, architects, and general contractors to make our part of the project the shining star.  We are ready to help you!

Some of Our Work


Building a new building or remodeling an existing facility is not an every-day activity.  You may be on your first expansion or tenth or forty-fifth, but each one is unique.  Existing structures, changing priorities, inventory issues, and the pending EV revolution make each project an exciting challenge.

We have seen growth done well and poorly, and we are eager to share the lessons we have learned (and earned) with our current and future customers – for free!

Whether you are dreaming, sketching, talking about, getting ideas or ready-to-go, we are happy to jump in and help.  And, we have some architects and general contractors we could recommend if you need that kind of help – people who have experience in your line of work.


Our staff can guide you through the process of designing your new service center, parts room facility, or detail center. If requested, we can serve as a liaison between the owner and building contractor to provide necessary documents including cut sheets, air and electricity requirements, CAD drawings, and equipment specifications – all in the hopes of a smooth project and minimal change orders.

Our first step is to learn your objectives so that we can help you meet your goals. Whether it requires knowledge of the product, concrete installation, demolition, or special fabrication, we do it all with inhouse staff. From early in the process to finishing the project, we are here to help.

General Contractors

By definition, you are generalists.  You have to know a little about everything.  We know about lifts and automotive and HD equipment.  Those aren’t the only things, but those are our specialties.   Sizes, shapes, capacities, layout, do’s and don’ts – all of it.  And we know that you are often the one who is left figuring it out on-site, under pressure, with the deadline looming.

We try to be a resource.  If you have a say in what gets purchased, we want you to advocate for us because of our high quality service and equipment.  If you don’t have a say, we will try to help and then make you wish you would have called us first . . .

Looking for complimentary consulting services?

We can help you from the beginning to the end of your project.  We love to help customers save money by starting at the conceptual stage, recommending equipment and necessary services, and then managing the project to completion.